We would like to inform you about new measures presented today by the Czech Government, effective from 22nd October 2020, 6:00 am until 3rd November 2020, 23:59.

1.)      A general ban on retail sales and the provision of services in establishments. There are exceptions to the ban and therefore it does not apply to e.g.:

  • grocery shops,
  • shops with sanitary goods, cosmetics and other drugstore goods,
  • establishments enabling the pick-up of goods and consignments from third parties,
  • household goods shops and hardware shops,
  • establishments for service of computer and telecommunications equipment, audio and video receivers, consumer electronics, appliances and other household products,
  • establishments for arrangement of construction execution and their removal, project activities in construction, geological work, land surveying, testing, measuring and analysis in the construction industry,
  • establishments for real estate brokerage and activities of accounting advisors, accounting management, tax record management,
  • establishments for repairs, maintenance and installation of household devices and appliances.

The ban on retail sales and the sale of services applies to establishments only with regard to the offered goods or services. Unlike in the spring, the area (size in sqm.) of the establishment is not taken into account in any way.

In case the sale of groceries forms only a part of the assortment of the establishment, it is possible to make available the part of the establishment in which the sale of groceries takes place, if that part is separated from other parts of the establishment.

The aforesaid ban on retail sales and the sale of services does not mean that employees cannot come to work and do e.g. an inventory check. Although the Government has also restricted the freedom of movement, travel for the purpose of work and business is still permitted.

2.)      Restriction on the provision of accommodation services, with the exception of provision of accommodation services to:

  • persons for the purpose of performance of a profession, business or other similar activity,
  • foreigners until the time of their departure from the territory of the Czech Republic and foreigners with a work permit on the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • persons under mandatory isolation or quarantine,
  • persons for the purpose of completing an accommodation commenced before this Government resolution became effective,
  • persons with a work order under the Crisis Act.

3.)      New obligations for establishments in which operation is still permitted – the operator is obliged to:

  • actively prevent customers from staying in distances shorter than 2 meters,
  • arrange the management of queues of waiting customers, both inside and outside of the establishment, particularly by marking the waiting area and placing signs for minimal distance between the customers (minimal distance 2 meters).

Regarding the compensations for the above mentioned restrictions we would like to bring to your attention the possibility of using the COVID – rent II and Antivirus A programmes, which have been extended to the entrepreneurs affected by the stated restrictions.

In case of any questions, please contact us.