Career opportunities at UEPA

Are you interested in becoming a member of the UEPA team?

UEPA is expanding and always looks for outstanding talents.

If you believe you would contribute to our Team, please send us your credentials.


Besides outstanding legal skills you should be able to speak at least fluent German or English – preferably both. If you have already gained experience in a certain field of law, we will be happy to develop strategies aimed at expanding your professional horizons even further.

Fresh graduates will learn to master law practice at first under the guidance of our partners and experienced lawyers. You will normally work on a variety of cases related to different fields of law before developing distinctive specializations. Within a short time of starting at our firm we expect you to develop an independent approach and to participate actively in the firm’s operation. Do you already have an idea what your special contribution to our firm would be? Do you want to acquire long-term clients? Great!

Effective communication between our co-workers is one of our priorities. Our partners and senior lawyers are not untouchable, but are colleagues that you can go to for advice and with whom you can share your opinion. Our attorneys participate in all of our important decisions.

Our objective is for a new co-worker to be promoted to partner status after five years’ practice at our firm. After two years at our firm we are able to inform our co-worker whether we can envisage him/her being promoted to partnership of our law firm. We do not have a problem with the so-called financial leverage because it is not important for us. Whether and when you are promoted to partner status depends solely on your performance and your temperament, not on whether we happen to have a position vacant at the relevant time.

The remuneration offered by UEPA is comparable to large international law firms. We will of course pay attorney insurance premiums for you. Should a suitable opportunity arise for your further professional education, we shall also pay for you the costs of any expert educational and training courses.

Do you fit into our team and wish to apply for employment at our firm after completing your final exams? If the answer is yes, please send your details to the following address:


CURRENTLY we are especially looking for attorneys experienced in data security law and real estate.

Many attorneys began their careers at a law firm where they could demonstrate their abilities as articled clerks or students. For this reason we are pleased to receive applications from qualified applicants that we had the opportunity to get to know as articled clerks or students.

You may, upon your request, co-operate solely with an attorney who focuses on the same field of law as you do. As an articled clerk at our law firm you will learn how experienced, highly demanding attorneys compile their cases and deal with clients. You will draft legal opinions, attend client meetings and court proceedings and your questions and ideas will always be listened to.

Please contact us at the following address:


CURRENTLY we are looking for GERMAN speaking candidates and potential team members with interest in data security law (in this field German skills are not necessary)

Our law firm offers a friendly and attractive environment to German trainee lawyers during their traineeships. We have trained numerous trainee lawyers in the past and consider them to be a valuable asset to our team. Several German lawyers are part of our Team.

We expect professional English language skills, both oral and written. Knowledge of Czech is welcomed but certainly not a requirement. We will appreciate and support your readiness to think in a broader context and in an interdisciplinary manner, as well as your ability to view the facts concerned also from an economic perspective.

We will also be pleased to help you find adequate accommodation in the vicinity of our office.

Please send your CVs to:


Where possible, we would also like to make a personal interview in Prague or Germany; if required, the interview is also possible by phone.