As of today, it is possible to submit applications to the COVID – Gastro – Closed establishments Programme, about which we informed you with the newsletter from January 5th, 2021. Below, we summarize the basic parameters:

  • eligibility of the applicant: sole entrepreneur (natural person) or business corporation which performs a business activity under the Trade Licensing Act, which falls into one of the given sectors, and whose the sale of goods and services was – as a result of the crisis measures adopted in connection with the pandemic – was restricted or prohibited for at least a part of the decisive period;
  • decisive period: October 9th, 2020 – January 10th, 2021;
  • submission of the application: from January 18th, 2021 09:00 a.m. until March 1st, 2021 04:00 p.m.;
  • amount of support: product of CZK 400,- x the number of employees and/or cooperating self-employed persons x the number of recognized days;
  • at the same time, it is still possible to use support from the Antivirus programme (mode A and B) and from the COVID – Rent programme;
  • during the period in question, the turnover decreased by at least 30 %;
  • employees in the sectors that were supported in the programmes COVID – Accommodation, COVID – Culture II, and COVID – SPORT II, COVID – SPORT III, COVID – BUS, Agricovid and the intent of the COVID – Tourism support programme are not included in the calculation;
  • the support will be provided up to the unspent amount of the limit under point 3.1 of the Temporary Framework of the European Commission per one beneficiary (enterprise);
  • the applicant may not terminate his activity within at least three months of receiving the support;
  • application link:

We would also like to inform you that the third call of the COVID – Rent Programme has been announced, from which it is possible to draw support for the months of October, November and December 2020. The applications for the support from this programme can be submitted from January 22nd to March 22nd, 2021 through the information system. The amount of support will again be 50 % of the rent for the last quarter of 2020. A novelty of the third call is the automatic import of the user data in case the applicant has already applied under the second call of the COVID – Rent programme. There is also newly no need for an officially verified signature on the solemn declaration of the landlord and the question of  proximity of the landlord and the tenant will no longer be assessed; the only remaining limit in this area is that the natural person of the tenant and the landlord may not be identical.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.