Yesterday, the Ministry of Regional Development published more detailed information on the COVID – Accommodation II support programme for accommodation establishments, which was approved by the Government. This time the support is intended for both collective accommodation establishments and individual accommodation establishments (i.e. private accommodation, small  guest houses, holiday apartments, rooms, recreational facilities for temporary accommodation of tourists), in the total amount of CZK 4 billion.

The call for collective accommodation establishments will be published on 25th January 2021 under similar conditions as the previous COVID – Accommodation programme.

The call for individual accommodation establishments will be published on 1st February 2021 and the support is proposed in the amount of CZK 200 / room / day. However, the condition is that the applicant started his business operation no later than 1st October 2020 and the sustainability of the support is proposed for a period of three months, i.e. the applicant may not terminate his business activities within three months from the date when the decision on the provision of support was issued. A condition for granting the full amount of support is proving the fact that the applicant has already provided accommodation services during the tax period of 2019. If the applicant is not able to prove this or if he commenced his business activities after 31st December 2019, he is entitled only to support in the amount of CZK 100 / room / day.

The relevant period for the first call is set at 78 days from 22nd October 2020 until 22nd January 2021 (the period from 3rd December until 17th December 2020 is not included, since no restrictions on the provision of accommodation services applied). In the event of continued negative epidemiologic situation and extension of restriction on provision of accommodation services, changes in the scope of support may occur.

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