We would like to inform you about the current development of anti-epidemic measures issued in connection with yesterday’s meeting of the Government of the Czech Republic.

Free movement – restrictions for foreigners and CR citizens

The ban on the free movement of persons has been lifted, including the travel ban of Czech citizens. When traveling abroad, it is still true that after returning back to the Czech Republic, quarantine or a certificate of non-infection is required. This measure is effective as of today.

A novelty is the possibility of entry of foreigners for the purpose of performing business activities. Condition for the entry is the submission of a negative test for coronavirus not older than 4 days. Other foreigners, i.e. Bot travelling for business, except such Personal holding a temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic, are still prohibited from entering the Czech Republic. This measure is effective as of Monday, 27. April 2020.

Regarding the free movement of persons in the Czech Republic, some restrictions still apply, such as the maximum number of 10 persons in public spaces. This measure is effective as of today.

Retail sale

It is allowed to open stores with a sales area of up to 2,500 m2 with effect from Monday, 27. April 2020. This applies to both stand-alone stores and also those located in shopping centers with a sales area of over 5,000 m2. These must have a separate entrance from the street (retail parks). However, strict hygiene measures still apply, in particular the need to keep minimal distance, to keep the mouth and nose covered, to have disinfection available and the cashiers receiving cash from customers must wear protective gloves. The customers in the Stores must be informed about these hygiene measures. The model of the information leaflet was published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on its website.

Other measures

We would also like to inform you that some of the laws we have previously informed you about have entered into force today. This is the so-called judicial package, which extends the deadlines for certain proceedings and regulates the possibilities of action of the statutory bodies of legal entities (the possibility of holding a general meeting remotely, or per rollam voting even though the articles of association does not allow this).

Furthermore, in the following days, a law will come into force to mitigate the impact on tenants of non-residential premises, which was today signed by the President..

Should you have any ensuing questions please do not hesitate to contact us.