only moments ago the Chamber of Deputies approved a bill on the lease of business premises and even though the Senate returned the bill with amendments, it was approved in the original version, which we have already informed you about before. Therefore, bellow you can find a short summary of the most important points:

  • During the relevant period (i.e. from 12 March 2020 to 30 June 2020), the lessor cannot unilaterally terminate the lease contract on the grounds that the lessee is in delay with the payment of the rent (this does not apply to service charges), if such delay occurred during the relevant time period and at the same time the extraordinary epidemic measures made it impossible or significantly difficult for the lessee to conduct business.
  • The lessee is obliged to pay the rent according to the previous point in the so-called protective period (i.e. until the 31 December 2020). If the lessee fails to fulfil this obligation in the protective period, the lessor may terminate the lease contract with a notice period of 5 days.
  • In case of termination of the lease contract during the protective period, the lessee is obliged to pay the overdue rent within 30 days from the termination of the lease contract.

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