The ranks of our law firm strengthened five junior lawyers in the last months of 2017: Martina Soukupová, Šimon Chvojka, Melinda Baszová, Filip Turčáni and Jakub Huňka.

They are students of the Faculties of Law of the Charles University in Prague, the Masaryk University in Brno and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. All our junior lawyers are mastering foreign languages, especially English and German, and some of them have already gained experience in foreign internships.

UEPA has been developing cooperation with students for several years, and we have introduced a so-called “pool-system” to streamline it. This means that law students are involved in projects with different legal focus. Students have the opportunity to look deeper into many areas of law and gain experience in a wider range of legal disciplines.  We are always interested in a long-term cooperation, which means that our junior lawyers are likely to continue to work as associates and later as advocates. All of our current associates have already received offers to stay with us after passing their bar exam. UEPA ensures a high level of professional quality because our lawyers stay with UEPA for many years.

Martina Soukupová

Šimon Chvojka

Melinda Bazsová

Bc. Filip Turčáni, LL.M.

Jakub Huňka