Starting today, the first round of applications for the guarantees for loans provided by commercial banks has been opened. In addition, the forms and complete guidelines were published. Overall interest in the programme has been so huge, that although the forms were not published until this morning, more than 700 applications for more than 1,5 billion CZK have been received within a few hours. The acceptance of applications for the first round has therefore been already closed.

The acceptance of applications for the next round of the programme COVID II begins on 20. 4. 2020. This round should according to public statements also be open for applicants from the Prague region. We strongly advise starting the preparation for the application already now. It is necessary also to pre-negotiate the loan, for which the guarantee will be provided with your commercial bank, since the information about the potential loan is obligatory attachment to the application.

Please take into account that less accounting and tax documents are requested in the programme COVID II than in the programme COVID I.

Our firm is prepared to advise you in the process of the application, therefore do not hesitate to contact us already now.