Below we summarise for you the latest restrictions:

Businesses providing catering have the following restrictions:

  • Presence of the public inside the business premises is forbidden between 10 PM-6 AM
  • Customers are seated with a 1,5 m gap between them, with the exception for customers sitting at the same table
  • The entry of more customers than there are seats shall not be allowed and the operator is obliged to register the total number of seats currently available to customers in writing
  • At the entry into inside and outside areas of the business premises there are disinfectants available
  • Chairs and tables are desinfected before each new group of customers is seated
  • In case an employee of the business has a body temperature above 37 C or other symptoms of COVID-19, his presence in the business is forbidden

Public events are restricted by the following rules:

  • From 24th September 2020 0:00 to 7th October 2020 23:59 festivities, theatre performances and film projections, sport and other types of gatherings and markets with a presence of more than 1000 people at the same time in outside areas, or of 500 people, if the event is taking place indoors, are forbidden or restricted
  • Forbidden are also events, with the exception of meetings, demonstrations, conferences, exhibitions, markets and events of similar type, with an attendance of over 50 people at the same time for outside areas, or of 10 people if the event is taking place indoors, if the attendees do not have a seat allocated where they will remain throughout the event

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.