We would like to inform you that from 9 March 2022 to 10 March 2025 will be possible to withdraw funds from the Deposit Insurance Fund at Sberbank CZ, a.s.

The limit is set to CZK 2,499,500 per depositor for both natural and juridical persons (equivalent to EUR 100,000 at the CNB exchange rate of CZK 24.995/EUR as of 28 February 2022).

There is no need to fill in any form when the aforementioned basic amount is paid out. The money will be available for collection in cash at selected branches of Komerční banka (list of branches). There is also an option of using a correspondence bank transfer (link).

For natural persons whose deposits are insured above EUR 100,000 by law, there will be a possibility of increased compensation if certain conditions are met (link). Payout of increased compensation for deposit claims will be made upon application, which must be submitted to the Guarantee System (Garanční systém) until 28 April 2022.

The compensation process will take longer for persons who have deposited larger amounts of money in the bank. The Czech National Bank is obliged to carry out the liquidation of the bank. Subsequently, the remaining assets will be distributed to persons whose deposited amounts in the bank exceed the limit of CZK 2,499,500. As the compensation of creditors will be made proportionally, it is not guaranteed that these persons will receive 100% of their deposits.