We would like to inform you about the new program for small and medium-sized businesses, which aims to reduce the impact of a forced change of the energy supplier.

On 6 December 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade published a call for projects to obtain a free of charge loan guarantee under the title “Forced Change of the Energy Supplier” provided by the National Development Bank.

This loan guarantee can cover up to 80% of the loan. The maximum amount of the loan is CZK 2.000.000. The project is designed for small and medium-sized businesses affected by a forced change of their energy supplier. In order to be qualified for this guarantee, the business must provide evidence that an increase in energy advance payments occurred after 13 October 2021 and by more than 100 %.  The funds from the loan can be used to cover the costs of electricity, gas and other energy supplies, or to cover other operating costs incurred in connection with the forced change of the energy supplier.

The application can be submitted from 17 December 2021 until 30 November 2023 by using a form that will be published on the website of the National Development Bank.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.