We are pleased that many guests were invited to the first event co-organised by UEPA and CRESTYL, a well-known developer and the owner of our attractive office building (among others), under its community program. Could it be because our terrace is the most beautiful one in the neighbourhood? The event attracted representatives of the companies that have their registered offices in our building as well as in Crestyl’s other buildings located nearby and it was a great success. Thanks to good weather as well as excellent catering – serving delicious specialties and cold drinks – everyone had a great time.

Our partner Lucie Hladěnová acquainted the guests with UEPA, lawyers Tomáš Mudra and Aleš Richtr then briefly talked about the current legal development in areas which are of interest to all companies. Isabella Davis, Crestyl’s community manager, then presented us a visualisation of prospective development of the area surrounding our offices. The photos and pictures confirmed that our decision to settle in this location was right.

We thank Crestyl for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our closest corporate neighbours and we look forward to actively participating in the community program in the future as similar gatherings are planned to be organised on a regular basis.