Visit to the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris

On 1 and 2 March, 2018, Andreas Ueltzhöffer and Philipp Chizzola accepted an invitation from ICC Germany to visit the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris. Andreas is a member of ICC Germany.

There were old contacts deepened and many new ones were closed. In 2016, between 800 and 900 new arbitration cases were filed with the court. Only in 4 cases were the chairmen of tribunals appointed by the court directly. This is possible under Art. 13 IV a of the Arbitration Rules, if a State is one of the parties.

Andreas Ueltzhöffer was appointed directly from the Court on this basis in 2016. As the head of the office Schaffer & Partner in Prague he was one of the founding members of ICC Czech Republic in the 1990s. In the past, however, he mostly served as an arbitrator in ad hoc arbitrations.

Most of the ICC arbitration cases stem from the real estate sector, followed by the energy sector.

A major topic of the conference was how Germany can be made more attractive as place of Arbitration. Still too few parties decide for Germany as a place of Arbitration.

In the future, Philipp Chizzola and Andreas Ueltzhöffer want to significantly expand their activities in the entire field of ADR and seek listings at international arbitration institutions. In many cases concerning the Czech Republic, an arbitrator must speak Czech, know Czech law, but not be a Czech citizen. All these criteria are met by Andreas Ueltzhöffer and other members of the UEPA Team.

Video about the exhibition with paintings by inesj.plauen at UEPA

In the following video you can see the exhibition with paintings by the German artist inesj.plauen, which is still running in our office until April 10, 2018.

A visit is possible by appointment at any time during our working hours.

To view the video, please click HERE.

Let’s have fun watching it!

We give a lecture at the event “Škachův den 2018”

Following our previous lectures, which we organized in cooperation with the Czech Dental Chamber, our colleague Tomáš Mudra will perform a lecture at a training event for dental hygienists and dentists called “Škachův den 2018”.

Tomáš Mudra is a member of our GDPR team and also a member of working group of the Government of the Czech Republic for legislation in the field of data protection. Our GDPR team specializes in preparing companies to implement the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The topic of his lecture will be “GDPR – expected changes in medical documentation from a legal point of view”.

This event will take place on February 27, 2018 at Divadlo U Hasičů, Římská 20, Prague 2,
under the auspices of the President of the Czech Dental Chamber Roman Šmucler.

For more information, please visit:

GDPR – almost 50 percent of Czech companies will not be able to complete preparations in time


According to a survey by the audit company BDO, almost all Czech companies (96%) are informed about the GDPR. However, only 54% of companies are able to finish their preparations by May 25, 2018, when the new European personal data protection regulation enters into force.

For more information about the Czech private sector’s preparedness for GDPR, please see HERE.

In Germany is the situation similar. According to studies, are only about half of the companies prepared. Last week, the EU Commission sounded the alarm.


 “New data privacy rules – There will be no pardon”

An interview with EU parliamentarian Jan Philipp Albrecht (Green) by Marcel Rosenbach.

Click HERE for the full article.

How does this work in your company? If you have any questions about this topic, or even have to work through the entire topic, talk to our GDPR team, one of the most experienced in the Czech Republic. The direct contact details can be found HERE.

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