Dear clients and business partners

The United Kingdom left the European Union and the transition period ends on 31 December 2020.

Regardless of whether a deal is agreed or not or which side of the argument one stands on, commerce with the UK in 2021 will be substantially different from the current situation.

In particular, you should be concerned if you:

  • Trade with/provide services to the UK – both as a supplier or a purchaser;
  • are an employer  – Regardless of whether you are an UK employer in Europe or an European Employer in the UK or an European employer with UK employees in the EU (or an employee in similar situation);
  • own any UK or EU wide intellectual property;
  • will be processing data of EU individuals; or
  • an individual wishing to do business/move in in the EU.

At UEPA, we are prepared to provide you with a bespoke advice to ensure that Brexit causes minimal disruption to you and your business. We recently welcomed an English law qualified lawyer to our team and all our lawyers possess the necessary expertise to assist you and your business. We can also rely on our network of friendly law firms which can provide localized service in the UK where necessary.

We remain at your assistance in the case of any queries.