We would like to inform you about an amendment of Building Act which was adopted by the Parliament of the Czech Republic on 13th of July 2021, currently now only needs the signature of the President of the Czech Republic to come into effect.

Amendment comes into force on 1st of July 2023.

According to our opinion, following changes are in general the most important:

  • All documents and plans will be published and available in newly established informational system of country planning
  • Establishment of unified proceeding for structure permit instead of current dual territorial and structural proceeding
  • Building offices will be unified under uniform state administration
  • First instance in proceedings of building offices will be executed by regional offices, which will lead to revocation of municipal building offices
  • All regional building offices will be subsidiary to newly instituted Supreme building office, which will have registered office in Ostrava
  • In appellation procedure full appellation is instituted (it won´t be possible to return or revoke judgment, only alter it and rule)
  • Additional permission of unpermitted structures will be possible, only if the builder was in good faith and his request will be filled within the deadline

We will be informing you about any further details.