We would like to inform you about the new allowance for employees in mandatory quarantine/isolation in the Czech Republic.

The allowance applies to all employees required to enter quarantine/isolation between 1 March and 30 April 2021.

The allowance of CZK 370 per day is paid for the duration of the first 14 calendar days of the quarantine/isolation.

The scope of the allowance includes those working in marginal employment relationships (in Czech: DPČ and DPP) if they participate in the sickness benefits insurance.

The allowance is not paid to employees who entered quarantine/isolation within 5 days from their return from abroad (with the exception of business trips).

The allowance is paid to the employee together with the earnings for the relevant period. It is paid out by the employer, who is in turn entitled to deduct the respective amounts from their employer contributions towards the social security.

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