Measures for current situation

Dear clients,

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have also decided to take appropriate measures that I would like to inform you about. To ensure the safety of each one of us, we have decided to work remotely in the next few weeks.

We would like to assure you that this measure will not affect the functioning of our firm in any significant way. All our services will stay available as you are used to. As always, you may reach all our partners and counsels via phone and e-mail. In case you would need to deliver anything to us, our reception still operates as usual.

You are also welcome to contact us with current questions on the following topics relating to the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

  • rent payments: can we suspend the rent payment?
  • wages: what special regulations are there now?
  • bridge loans: which solutions are available?

More news “HERE

We are looking forward to meeting you personally once the situation improves.

Best regards,

Andreas Ueltzhöffer, Partner
Lars Klett, Partner
Lucie Hladěnová, Partner