This year’s Annual General Meeting of Pangea Net international network of independent law firms  will take place 15–18 June 2017 in Mexico City. It will be hosted by Pangea Net member firm Cancino Ayuso Abogados. The annual meetings are always hosted by one of the member law firms and are attended by delegates of the network members from all over the world. Our firm will be represented this year by Founding Partner Andreas Ueltzhöffer and Counsel Philipp Chizzola.

One of the main ideas behind these general meetings is, besides the discussion of professional topics, to give the attendants ample opportunities for professional networking. This is always a great opportunity for getting to know colleagues from other countries, building friendships, presenting your law firm to the other delegates and, obviously, for sharing knowledge and experiences. This added value of the meetings is always perceived very positively by the participants.

Our clients benefit from our network connections if doing business abroad with our help. They can rely on us because we do not only closely work together with our colleagues in top league foreign law firms, but we also meet them personally at least once a year, since the participation at the AGM is mandatory for every member. Compliance to this rule is strictly supervised by the network´s board, whose long-time member Andreas Ueltzhöffer, being one of the founding members of the network, was for many years until 2016.

We strongly believe that only an active cooperation and practical experience in working together in cross border deals, as we at UEPA are used to do it since many years, helps the client in such way that he can rely on an excellent quality of services not only on his home market, but worldwide.

Click HERE to watch a recap of last year’s annual meeting organised by BRANDI Rechtswanwälte in Bielefeld and Gütersloh, Germany.