The Czech government has changed the preventive measures regarding the SARS CoV2 virus as follows:

From Monday 25th October 2021, the wearing of respirators indoors is again mandatory, as follows:

  • at the workplace, except for persons who do not come into physical contact with other persons. Employers are also directed to equip their employees with respirators in sufficient numbers for each shift,
  • in shops, service establishments, health care facilities, social service facilities, international airports, universities, schools and educational establishments, except for pupils in primary schools or eight-year grammar schools,
  • indoor areas of bars and restaurants, theatres, cinemas and concert halls, museums or gambling halls,
  • at public or private events attended by 30 or more persons,
  • in all other indoor areas of buildings, other than a residence or place of accommodation, where there are at least 2 persons and where a distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained.

From Monday 1st November 2021, there are following changes:

  • the certificates of antigen tests performed at a sampling point will be valid 24 hours only,
  • the certificates of PCR tests performed at a sampling point will be valid 72 hours only,
  • the costs of preventive antigen and PCR tests for the presence of SARS CoV2 will be covered only for the following persons in case they are covered by public health insurance in the Czech Republic:
    • persons under 18 years of age,
    • persons, who cannot be vaccinated due to a contraindication,
    • persons, who are vaccinated with a single dose.
  • Newly, restaurant staff are also obliged to check whether the customers have a valid proof of infection-free status. As before, proof of infection-free status can be provided by a vaccination certificate, a valid antigen or PCR test certificate or a certificate of recovery from COVID 19 disease not older than 180 days. Children under 12 years of age are not required to show proof of infection-free status.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.