The UEPA Team once again has proven its fitness during the traditional run organized by the Czech Bar Association. The run was held as usual in the beautiful surroundings of the natural park of the Central Bohemian castle KonopiΕ‘tΔ› and not only lawyers, but also their children and relatives took part in the race. The best result was achieved by the youngest member of the UEPA team, Ferdinand NedvΓ­dek, who won the first place in the category of pre-school children. His result was followed by a second place in the women’s competition by his mother and our senior counsel Petra NedvΓ­dkovΓ‘. We congratulate the winners and are looking forward to the next sport event, which will be a relay race organized by HST Chamber of commerce Switzerland – Czech Republic. The race will take place in the last week of June. Keep your fingers crossed!