In accordance with an extraordinary measure of the Czech Government of 18 November 2021, negative Covid tests, regardless whether PCR or antigen test, will be no longer accepted as confirmation of infection-free status starting from Monday 22 November 2021. Only persons with certificates of completed vaccinations or certificates of past illness, which is no more than 180 days old from the first positive PCR test, will have unrestricted access to services (e.g. restaurants, hair salons, etc.) and mass events. Unvaccinated persons will also be required to show a negative test result once a week at work. Employees will also have the opportunity to get tested at the workplace. At a press briefing on 18 November 2021, the Minister of Industry promised that these self-tests will continue to be reimbursed by the state through health insurance, but no contribution program has been officially launched yet. Vaccinated people are entitled to two free PCR tests per month.

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