In connection to yesterday’s newsletter we are providing you below with more detailed information about the new COVID – Gastro – Closed establishments Programme:

Eligibility of the applicant:

  • Sole entrepreneur (natural person) or business corporation;
  • performing a business activity under the Trade Licensing Act, which falls into one of the following sectors:
Description No. of days














Sale of motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles
Retail sale of computer and communication equipment in specialized shops
Retail sale of products for cultural purview and recreation in specialized shops
Retail sale of other goods in specialized shops
Retail sale of clothing
Retail sale of footwear and leather products
Retail sale of clocks, watches and jewellery
Other retail sale of new goods in specialized shops
Retail sale of photographic and optical equipment and gear
Other retail sale of new goods in specialized shops, not elsewhere specified
Retail sale of second-hand goods in shops
Retail sale via stalls and markets
Passenger transport via cableway or ski lift







Food service in restaurants, stalls and mobile facilities
Provision of catering services
Provision of other food services
Provision of other food services, not elsewhere specified
Pub services
Film screenings
SELECTED ACTIVITIES (incl. sports, entertainment and recreation) 70







Pawnshop activities
Photographic activities
Organization of conferences and economic exhibitions
Other education
Activities of gambling rooms, casinos and betting offices
Sports, entertainment and recreation activities
Hairdressing, cosmetic and similar activities
Activities for personal and physical well-being
Provision of other personal services, not elsewhere specified
  • as a result of the crisis measures adopted in connection with the pandemic the sale of goods and services was restricted or prohibited for at least a part of the period from 14th October 2020 to 10th January 2021;
  • the turnover and thus the liquidity decreased during the period in question;
  • applicant has no arrears in taxes and dues towards public bodies as of the day of submission of the application,
  • is not an unreliable payer or unreliable person under the VAT Act.

Amount of support:

  • the amount of support is the product of CZK 400,- * the number of employees and/or cooperating self-employed persons * the number of recognized days according to the above table;
  • employees in the sectors that were supported in the COVID – Culture, COVID – Accommodation and COVID – Sport programmes are not included in the calculation;
  • the support will be provided up to the unspent amount of the limit under the point 3.1 of the Temporary Framework of the European Commission per one beneficiary (enterprise).

Submission of the application:

  • in electronic form, the method and deadline for submission of the application will be specified in the call announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
  • the application will include a solemn declaration of the applicant confirming that by receiving the required amount of support, the beneficiary will not exceed the limit of support under the point 3.1 of the Temporary Framework of the European Commission, in which case the support provided in all programmes under point 3.1 of the Temporary Framework (e. g. COVID – Rent, COVID – Spa, COVID – Accommodation, COVID – Culture, Antivirus A Plus, atc.) is added together; however, the support from programmes Antivirus A and B does not fall under the Temporary Framework.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.