Traditionally our office organizes a New Year’s reception for clients and business partners at the end of January. The event takes place at the premises of our office and on the adjoining roof terraces.

Our New Year’s reception is very popular, and is attended by approximately 120 guests each year. This year, this event will be further enhanced by the vernissage “A VIEW BEHIND” of the well-known German artist inesj.plauen.

inesj.plauen is a freelance artist, lecturing on practical and theoretical aspects, teaches creative techniques and also teaches art at a grammar school.

She was born in Plauen (Germany) in 1965 and lives and works in Eschenbach and Plauen. Her subjects include painting, graphics, photography, sculpture and multimedia art.

Since 1990, Inesj.plauen has been exhibiting in Germany and abroad, and has been involved in many art projects with painting art and performance art, including Vogtland, Chemnitz, Dresden and Berlin.

She is a member of: Chemnitzer Künstlerbund, Focus Europa, Kunstverein Plauen Vogtland e.V. and the BDK-Fachverband für Kunstpädagogik.

Her life motto: „I create, therefore I live.“

 About art: “The joy of experimenting, creativity and openness leads to ever-new imaginery solutions that are unconventional and want to go out into the world. My subject is always a person in different ways. “