In recent years, several amendments to the Construction Code were implemented, aimed at its overall simplification. However, it requires long-term efforts to achieve this  goal . Last month, the Chamber of Deputies approved another significant amendment to the Construction Code that is supposed to enter into force in the beginning of next year, provided that the Senate manages to approve it in time. The proposed changes include:

  • reintroduction of use and occupancy permit proceedings (the right to use a completed structure will no longer be based on a notification to the Construction Authority, but rather on obtaining a use and occupancy permit)
  • introduction of joint planning permit and construction permit proceedings resulting in a joint permit
  • special arrangements for issuing permits for interrelated structures
  • swimming pools and greenhouses will neither be subject to construction permits, nor to notification to the Construction Authority
  • notification will suffice also for residential buildings with a floor area exceeding 150 m2

For all proposed changes see the website of the Ministry for Regional Development.