We would like to inform you that the state of emergency has been extended until March 28th, 2021.

With the extension of the state of emergency, following measures and restrictions effective from today, i.e. March 1st, 2021 are connected:

  • Restrictions in the field of retail trade and services continue to apply, with tightening and reducing the number of exemptions from the ban on public presence in the establishments, meaning that e. g. children’s clothing and footwear stores will have to close, as well as real estate brokerage and accounting consultancy activities, laundries and dry cleaners, car repair shops and spare parts stores, textile and haberdashery stores, locksmiths, stationery shops and arms and ammunition stores. Furthermore, the operation of providers of spa medical rehabilitation care will again be limited so that it is possible to provide exclusively spa medical rehabilitation care which is at least partially covered by public health insurance.
  • Mandatory wearing of a medical mask or respirator in built-up areas of the district, and that everywhere outside, in shops and public transport. Employees can only take off medical masks/respirators if they are alone in their workplace, with employers being obliged to provide their employees who come into contact with other persons with a sufficient number of such protection equipment.
  • Prohibition to leave the territory of a district or the capital Prague, on the territory of which the person has a permanent residence or domicile, and, conversely, a prohibition of entering the district where the person does not reside. Exceptions are travel to work or to the doctor and other necessary travel.

Do not hesitate to contact us in the case of any queries.